Needle free vasectomy really pain free?

March 2, 2009 11:31:45 AM PST
Finally something that could make the most skeptical man reconsider getting a vasectomy: What if there were no needles? And no pain! Doctors explain what they are now touting as a needle-free, pain-free vasectomy.

"Painless is the key to the entire procedure," said Jeff Watson, a patient who wanted 'pain free' vasectomy.

That was the only reason Jeff was willing to get a vasectomy and he grilled the doctor.

"You said painless, painless, that means it doesn't hurt at all -- right? And he said 'well' I hung up on him," said Jeff.

Jeff then called him back and decided to go through with it.

"We're gonna find out -- I'll let you know," he said.

"It's very quiet," said Dr. Grant Fowler with UT Family Medicine.

UT Houston's Dr. Grant Fowler demonstrates the air gun that won Jeff over. It numbs the area with a puff of air, so he didn't have to get the usual shot with a painkiller. The air gun blows the painkiller evenly across the skin.

"You use a tenth of the amount of Novocain or Lidocaine and it spreads around the area better than we've ever had before," said Dr. Fowler.

Health Check reporter Christi Myers used her arm to find out how the machine worked.

"Ready," he asked.

"That didn't hurt at all. It's cool," said Myers.

"There's a bump....that little white bump you can see where the Novocain was," said Dr. Fowler.

The vasectomy was the same minimally invasive procedure. But this way, you can skip the pain of that 1st shot.

"You talk about needles and you talk about scalpels and they're not in a hurry to do something like that. So this is a real big selling point for them," said Dr. Fowler.

It took less than 30 minutes in the doctor's office. Afterward, Jeff was still smiling.

"So we're like five minutes after surgery and painless is the key. Is it true? He said it was painless and he was right," said Myers.

Jeff got dressed and said he was headed back to work.

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