'God's Pit Crew' to the rescue

January 26, 2009 4:57:50 PM PST
A flood of help has moved in from out of state, all for a church nearly destroyed by Hurricane Ike. A team of workers arrived at the San Leon Community Church in San Leon. [SIGN UP: Get headlines and breaking news sent to you]

Pastor Bob Gibson isn't allowed to get too close to his own church. He's not supposed to see the inside until it's finished.

"I want to cheat but I can't because I gave them my word," he said. "But it's hard not to talk to my spies on the inside and ask, 'Hey how's it going in there?'"

His entire church, from roof to landscaping was destroyed during Hurricane Ike. Starting today, the entire building and everything inside is being rebuilt, free of charge, by a volunteer group from Virginia known as 'God's Pit Crew.' They travel all over the country and chose this small church in San Leon.

"We came here just after the storm and were real impressed with Pastor Bob," said Randy Johnson of God's Pit Crew. "He never said, 'Look at my church.' He was concerned only with the community and helping people."

After the storm, Pastor Bob, as he's called, established what he says was a God POD, handing out donated supplies.

"We have $118 in the bank and handed out over $2 million worth of goods at this corner. We had a tent with 75 people sleeping to help hand out food water and ice."

Now the man who has given is receiving help from people he's never met before.

Volunteer Tim Grandstaff said, "I truly believe I see a light bulb come on in people when you give of yourself and you give to someone, if you're in need and you help then the blessing will come back to you."

Restoring the church means restoring what is considered a vital part of his Bayside community.

"We have become the hub for people out here," Pastor Bob explained. "A woman told me today, 'Pastor Bob, we could have never made it without your help.' That's what it's like."

The volunteers plan to have to church completely finished in five days. Then Pastor Bob and the rest of the church members will be treated to the grand unveiling.

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