One dead in building collapse

January 16, 2009 8:32:07 PM PST
At least one person is dead after an old paper mill collapsed Friday night in northeast Harris County. Crews are looking through the rubble to see if anyone else is injured. [SIGN UP: Get headlines and breaking news sent to you]

We're told demolition crews were working on the Old Champions Paper Mill when something went wrong and a worker was killed. The investigation is unfolding off old Highway 90 near Sheldon Road.

Investigators say it will be hours before they will finally be able to reach the victim. They tell us it was a freak accident as demolition crews were wrapping up for the night.

Emergency crews tell us that there was a worker on a crane trying to knock down a wall of the six-story building thinking that the debris would fall away from him. Instead, it fell on him. The worker and the crane were covered in debris.

There were nine other men in the immediate area, but none of them were injured.

"It's hard to get a visual on him because of the debris on top of the crane, but we have been able to see what we think was a body," said Joe Fress of the South Lake Houston EMS.

Investigators say it is far too soon to tell us the identity of the person killed and it may take all night to do so.

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