Traffic stop turns into drug bust

January 2, 2009 4:48:54 AM PST
A driver who deputies pulled over for erratic driving turned into a drug bust on the north side. [SIGN UP: Get headlines and breaking news sent to you]

Deputies are ready to deal with many more impaired drivers over the next few days.The fact New Year's Eve was on a Wednesday leads law enforcement officers to believe they will see many more people drinking and driving. So they'll keep those stepped up patrols out through the holiday weekend.

"We're looking to keep the public safe out here and sometimes, like this occasion, we run up on other criminal activity," said Lt. David Escobar with the Harris County Precinct Four Constable's Office.

Thursday evening, patrol units spotted a car driving erratically on 1960 near Lee Road. Lt. Escobar says as the deputy approached, he noticed beer cans rolling around on the fin of the car.

"Apparently, they forgot to pack up their beer and it was spilling all over the trunk," he told us.

Investigators say a 28-year-old male was driving. The passenger, a 24-year--old female claimed to be pregnant. Both are Mexican nationals. The man was arrested for suspected drunk driving and investigators say they found cocaine on both of them.

"During the investigation, they did find a large amount of cocaine that the female tried to hide from the officer during the traffic stop," Lt. Escobar said.

Deputy constables say they found 31 grams of cocaine. That's a street value of almost $2000. Deputies also say they also found a small amount of marijuana in the door panel. The driver will likely face DWI charges and both of them will face felony charges of possession of cocaine with intent to deliver.

Deputies say they expect to be busy the next few days with what they call a high amount of "residual partying" taking place through Monday.

"Because the days of the holiday fall so close to the weekend, they continue to go to parties, and unfortunately get behind the driver's seat," Lt. Escobar said.

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