Mug shots of charged cheerleaders released

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We first told you about the investigation into the hazing allegations back in August. Now seven /*Morton Ranch High School cheerleaders*/ are charged and out on bond.

Mug shots were released Tuesday by the Harris County Sheriff's Office, showing us the girls for the first time.

Kelly Buffa, 17; Hannah Cochran, 18; Hayley Davis, 17; Kirsten Davis, 17; Adelynn Garner, 18; Meigan Goff, 18; and Madison Tanner, 17, were indicted this month on charges of hazing, a misdemeanor. [See mug shots of five of the seven teens]

According to the Harris County district attorney's office, the seven are accused of restraining several junior varsity cheerleaders, blindfolding them, binding their hands and pushing them into a swimming pool located off campus.

One of the defendants, Adelynn Garner, served as a mascot. Tuesday afternoon, her attorney said his client never intended to harm anyone.

"I can tell you this," attorney Robert Frickman said. "This whole deal started out as, the intent on my client's part was to be a fun event for all the girls, the JV girls and for the varsity girls and obviously, some of the JV girls did not find this to be a fun event. And so, thus, we're here."

Five other varsity cheerleaders accused in the crime are under age, so their cases will be handled by a juvenile court.

These are believed to be the first cases filed in Harris County under Texas' anti-hazing law. Illegal activities include sleep deprivation, exposure to the elements, confinement in a small space, consumption of food, liquid or alcoholic beverage that may cause harm and shame and humiliation. Prison sentences can range from 180 days in jail up to two years. Fines can range from $1,000 up to $10,000.

All of the girls are expected at the courthouse Thursday.

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