North Shore brings it to Deer Park

HOUSTON Mustangs of course hold the state record for most consecutive wins in the regular season.

On the first possession, North Shore's Alex Tillman to Deandrew White. The play covers 43 yards. Tillman throws for over 200 yards and two scores, both to white making it 7-0 mustangs.

End of the 1st, 4th and 5 Tillman hits Lester Brooks for the 1st to keep the drive alive.

Mustangs get inside the 10, but the deer defense stops the drive and North Shore has to settle for a 25 yard Ricardo Perez field goal for a 10-0 lead.

Second quarter, Tillman picked by Josh Hollub. Hollub takes it down to the North Shore 12. But the Deer were unable to score on a very tough North Shore defense settles with a Zach Gonzalez field goal 10-3 Mustangs.

Late in the second, Tillman hooks up with Brooks again to the Deer Park seven.

Next play, Tracy Woods takes it in to give North Shore a 17-3 lead.

Mustangs defense holds the Deer under 200 yards of total offense. They had been averaging almost 350 yards per game. The final was 30-10 North Shore.

The Mustangs move on to face undefeated Hightower Friday night at Pasadena Veteran Memorial Stadium.

We caught up with defensive players Keenon Gibson and Thaddeus Randle of the North Shore and they talked about this season and their upcoming game against Hightower.

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