One killed in home invasion

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Detectives are still trying to piece the details together. They don't know what might have motivated the deadly attack.

Sitting in her truck, fighting back tears, a wife remembers her husband of three years.

"It's been a great three years," said Avis Knox.

Knox can't make sense of Donald Moore's murder.

"He don't go after nobody," Knox said. "That's why I don't understand what happened."

Police say Moore was one of four people shot just before midnight in a house on Seabrook in Houston's south side. Detectives tell us at least two, and possibly as many as four people, broke into the home through the back door. They forced the five people inside to the floor, while ransacking the home. And for some still unknown reason, police say the suspects shot the victims.

"You know, it ain't 'CSI.' We don't do this in an hour," said Houston Police Detective M.F. Waters.

Knox says Moore was like a father to her three children. She wasn't sure how to break the news of his murder to them. Their biological father was killed just four years ago.

Knox says Moore told her he was running an errand late last night when he left their home, and that he wouldn't be gone long. He was supposed to take the children to school this morning.

Although the shooting happened around midnight Monday, it wasn't actually reported to police until a 911 call was placed around 4:30am Tuesday. The victims who survived drove themselves to the hospital. They do not have life-threatening injuries.

The descriptions of the suspects are very vague at this time. The shooters were reportedly two to four men, all dressed in dark clothing. Police are looking for any information out there that might help them solve these crimes.

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