Bizarre feline journey ends in Conroe

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Workers at the Buckalew auto dealership in Conroe, Texas, found a cat in the trunk of a car Tuesday after it was shipped from Florida. The cat was alive but dehydrated. Here's where the story takes a bizarre turn.

When workers tracked down the cat's owners, they learned of the trip the feline had taken. It turns out that cat snuck away from its owners -- a couple of snowbirds from Illinois driving across the south in their RV. It slipped away and found its way into the car in Florida.

The dealership tracked down the owners, who happened to now be in Texas, on their way to Corpus Christi. They came by the dealership to pick up their naughty pet Tuesday.

"(Losing her) was devastating," said owner Norma Ruggles. "I got that call... I just, I thought I was going to die. I just couldn't believe it, really couldn't believe it."

This is the first time the cat named Mystic has ever snuck off while on vacation. Her owners say normally she loves cruising around in the RV.

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