Sleeping teen injured when SUV hits home

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The family set up barriers in their front yard to prevent that. So how did it happen and why are some neighbors worried it could happen again?

At the corner of Highstar and Carnelianm, drivers must make a sharp turn to stay on the road. Most do, but not always.

"We heard the brakes making the noise and then the hit," said neighbor Valentina Nechisky.

What Nechisky heard was a truck plowing into her neighbors house. The vehicle hit the bed where Guadalupe Espinosa was sleeping. And it caused serious injuries.

Espinosa's father says his daughter has serious back injuries. Police blame the accident on Arturo Montes- Benavides. HPD officers suspect he was drunk and say speed and alcohol has disastrous consequences.

"It was very scary and they are lucky that he didn't kill anybody," said Nechisky.

The suspect is accused of crashing into another car minutes before he ran into the house. What worries neighbors even more is this type of thing has happened before.

"It happened to me too," said Nechisky. "I think it was three years ago."

The poles the Espinosas put in front didn't help. According to city records, homeowners have not asked the transportation department to study the street. But if they do there may a way to improve safety either through speed bumps or guard rails.

There are already caution signs posted at the sharp curve. If youi have traffic and safety concerns on your street, you can call 311 or get in touch with your city councilmember.

The teen had one surgery on Friday. She'll have to have more.

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