Vote counting not over yet

HOUSTON This race still hasn't been certified. And though Pat Lykos has declared victory, CO Bradford is not throwing in the towel. Thousands of folders each contain the affidavit for a provisional ballot for a Harris County voter. About 6,950 of them were cast in this election. Each must be processed and each vote proven eligible or not before a clear winner can be determined in the DA's race.

"I want the vote certified," Lykos said. "And I'm not going to be presumptuous till it's done."

Though Pat Lykos declared victory Tuesday night, today she is hesitant to fully accept it. The latest numbers show her with 4,938 more votes than CO Bradford. His campaign notes that many more than that are still outstanding. In fact, if you add together the provisional and the overseas ballots which could come back, that's more than 10,000 votes which could have been cast. But history is not on Bradford's side, as only a fraction of provisional ballots are ever ruled valid.

Hector Deleon with the Harris County Clerk's Office explained, "Ten percent or less are actually found to be qualified voters."

Bradford last night refused to make any conclusions about the race, even when he was leading.

"The race isn't over yet," Bradford said Tuesday evening. "The numbers are still being counted."

Today he wouldn't talk to us directly, but a spokesperson for his campaign tells us he is not conceding. And Lykos -- she's just letting the process run its course.

"I'm humble. I'm proud of our team. I'm excited," she said. "And I'm waiting for the fat lady to sing."

Both sides tell us the provisional ballot board will conclude by November 17. You can bet republicans and democrats will have folks watching to ensure the integrity of every ballot reviewed.

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