Some Comcast customers angry after Ike

HOUSTON And that's leading to an even bigger issue, one related to customer service.

Most people understand if their equipment breaks, or the utility lines are down, but what one Comcast customer can't understand is the level of customer service she says she recently got.

Linda Lively's hurricane troubles started two weeks after Ike.

"When I tried to pull up the Internet, I got a white page could not get past the white page," Lively said.

She called Comcast and a technician determined a fallen utility line was to blame. Lively says a few days later she called Comcast to find out when the line would be fixed.

"The first thing I heard after I got through the system was that I had a repair scheduled for December 1st," she told us.

Not satisfied with a December repair date Lively says she called back the next day and was told she'd have to wait until December. That's when she asked to speak to a supervisor.

Lively says she asked again to speak to a supervisor three times and was eventually transferred to a supervisors voicemail, where she left a message and never heard back.

"I apologize to Mrs. Lively," Michael Bybee with Comcast said. "This is not reflective of the type of customer care that we want, that we strive for."

Bybee says there is no excuse for the poor customer service lively received. He adds the storm knocked out 75% of Comcast's customers and the company is working around the clock to get the service restored. Bybee also gave an alternative for those able to log on to the internet.

"We also have a link on our web site, and you can click to chat with a live representative and converse with someone via immediate chat," he advised.

Comcast says the line outside of Lively's home was fixed Thursday afternoon. But lively probably won't notice. She has switched her internet provider.

Is there any way customers can report bad service?

Well the right thing to do would be to ask for a supervisor, it did not work in Lively's case, but Comcast officials say that's what you should do. Comcast officials stress they are working around the clock and getting thousands of calls a day, they say be patient, service is being restored.

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