Tina Fey reprises role as Palin on `SNL'

NEW YORK Tina Fey was back at it again in her role as Palin, appearing in the opening skit along side Amy Poehler.

This time Poehler played CBS's Katie Couric in a parody of Couric's recent interview with Palin. Poehler mostly played it straight, letting Fey get all the laughs.

When Poehler's Couric pushed Fey's Palin to specifically discuss how she would help facilitate democracy abroad, Fey asked to use one of her lifelines.

When a confused Poehler told her that that's not how the interview works, Fey alluded to one of the governor's most quoted lines from the interview saying, "Well, in that case, I'm just gonna have to get back to ya."

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