Best place to earn a living

HOUSTON If you believe Forbes Magazine, Houston is more than just a nice place to live - it's the best place in the country to make money. We have a thriving energy and health care industry, low unemployment and a low cost of living.

Patrick Jankowski with the Greater Houston Partnership said, "People have disposable income and that disposable income translates into them spending money in other areas of the economy, which benefits everyone."

As rosy of a picture as economists seem to be painting, the economic outlook - though it's promising – doesn't have everyone celebrating.

Houstonian Denise Lewis said, "It's an everyday struggle. It's an everyday struggle to survive."

We caught up with Lewis as she left the Texas Worksource Solutions office. She's frustrated yet hopeful as she looks for work.

She said, "Everything right now is up - food, milk, the cost of a chicken to lay an egg is three dollars a cartoon now."

While times are still tough for a lot of folks, statistics show the ones who are having difficulty may be faring better than people in other cities in their same situation. Last year, Houston added more than 100,000 new jobs. Our unemployment rate was at 4.9%.

"There are challenges to growth, but the growth means there are also more opportunities," Jankowski explained.

A registered nurse, Lewis is determined to find one of those opportunities.

She said, "Nursing is an easy field to find a job in. It's just what works for your family."

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