Vice presidential picks being kept a secret

As for John McCain, the list of possible running mates includes Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, and former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge.

And for Obama, the list includes Virginia governor Tim Kaine, Indiana Senator Evan Bayh, and Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius.

And there's a lot of buzz surrounding one name for Senator Barack Obama's running mate. That's Senator Joe Biden of Delaware. While Barack Obama is not giving out any new hints, party staffers are talking Biden's foreign policy credentials as a great match for Obama.

Senator John McCain has also been asked repeatedly about his choice for VP. He, too, remains vague. We have the latest comments from both McCain and Biden about being the possible choice.

"I have no idea. I've spoken to no one. Be careful out here on the road," said Senator Biden to photographers surrounding his vehicle. "I have not spoken with anyone. I have not spoken with anyone."

"I will nominate a person to be vice president who shares my principles, my values and my priorities," said Senator McCain to supporters Wednesday.

Obama plans to appear with his running mate at a rally on Saturday and McCain is expected to announce his pick toward the end of the month after the Democratic Convention.

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