Missing mom, boys found after Amber Alert

HOUSTON An Amber Alert had been issued after Kesha Victorian took her two young boys without permission. Victorian was barred from visiting them because of past abuse.

Kesha Victorian, 27, along with her two kids, Torris Andrea Lee, 6, and Teandrea Lee, 4, were brought back to Liberty County after police say Victorian kidnapped the boys Tuesday. They were found in Beaumont.

According to their father, Victorian called him and said there was a meeting at the CPS case workers house in Liberty. When he got there he went to the door and when he looked back the boys were gone

"This all happened in less than two minutes," said Hugh Bishop with the Liberty County Sheriff's Office.

Over the course of two days, investigators say the father tried to reason with Victorian, who said she would return the kids. It ended up taking an Amber Alert and police for him to get his boys back.

When we asked her why she took the kids, Victorian told us because she loved them.

They have all been brought back to Houston. Victorian was in jail Friday night.

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