School district takes action against bus driver

ROSENBERG, TX After a month long investigation, the Lamar Consolidated bus driver was given two options Tuesday. She could either resign or be fired. She chose to resign.

It was back on June 18 when Cassandra Frias, 5, was riding the bus home from a summer school class at Meyer Elementary. When the bus arrived at her stop, her mother was running late. When Cassandra didn't see her mom, she stayed on the bus.

She eventually got off on another stop eight miles away in the neighboring town of Beasley. A good Samaritan found her wandering around and took her to a truck stop. There, the Ft. Bend County Sheriff's Department was called and Cassandra was reunited with her mother.

Though they're happy action was taken, they say Cassandra will no longer ride a bus.

"The baby does need counseling. She's scared all the time," said family spokesperson Hortencia Hernandez. "She sees a bus and starts crying."

According to the district, it was found during the investigation that the bus driver didn't follow proper procedure and was given the choice to either resign or be fired.

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