Suspected burglar dies in police custody

HOUSTON It all started around midnight when police responded to a burglary call in progress at a home on Galaxy Street near Wayside. When officers arrived, they saw several people inside the house scatter and one man ran into the woods.

An officer chased him down, but that man started fighting the officer. The officer yelled for help and his partner responded to the scene. That partner used a Taser to subdue the suspect.

"This suspect that we are talking about, the deceased suspect, ran from the back of the house and across the field and into a heavily wooded area and overpowered our officer and thankfully our officer had his partner there and heard his yells for help, because the suspect is just that big," said HPD spokesperson John Cannon.

Authorities say the suspect was about 250 to 270 pounds.

The suspect went into cardiac arrest about 15 minutes after the altercation and was pronounced dead at the hospital around 2:30am.

Toxicology tests will be performed to determine if he had anything foreign in his system. An autopsy will be performed to determine the exact cause of his death.

The officer was treated at the scene for heat exhaustion.

Several other suspects inside the home were arrested.

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