Ken Lay's widow paid condo dues

HOUSTON Attorneys for Linda Lay and the Huntingdon Council of Co-Owners jointly asked a federal court to dismiss the lawsuit filed in January that alleged she owed more than $109,000. The filing states that Linda Lay "paid all amounts currently due" but doesn't indicate how.

Messages left Tuesday evening seeking comment from the attorneys were not immediately returned.

Linda Lay's assessment was based on ownership of nearly 3 percent of the 34-story building, the Houston Chronicle reported. She owns a 12,827-square-foot condo on the 33rd floor worth more than $4 million, plus 10 parking spaces and four storage units, the lawsuit said.

Linda Lay still is fighting an attempt by the federal government to seize nearly $13 million from Kenneth Lay's estate, including the Huntingdon condo.

Kenneth Lay was convicted in May 2006 of fraud, conspiracy and lying to banks in two separate cases related to Enron's collapse, but the convictions were vacated because he died from heart disease in July 2006 while the case was under appeal.

Enron, once the nation's seventh-largest company, crumbled into bankruptcy proceedings in December 2001 when years of accounting tricks could no longer hide billions in debt or make failing ventures appear profitable.

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