Murder suspect makes court appearance

HOUSTON Most people would probably consider the charges facing Camilo Garza, 41, absolutely sickening and unforgivable. And the same might be said of his wife.

Garza made his initial court appearance Wednesday morning, charged with capital murder in the death of his three-year-old stepdaughter, Catherine.

It began on Monday when Garza apparently fell into an uncontrollable rage when the girl wet herself. After forcing the child to stand in a corner for an hour, soaked in her own urine as he made himself breakfast, officials say he began beating the child without mercy.

Fueled by cocaine, he allegedly kicked and hit the child for 45 minutes, and slammed her head into the wall of the family's one-room shack. What's worse, Catherine's mother stood by and watched the whole thing happen without intervening.

When the beating was over, she tried CPR and called 911.

Medical experts said little Catherine was black and blue from head to toe. She was later pronounced dead at Memorial Hermann Children's Hospital.

There's been no decision yet made on charging the mother, but CPS has removed her other children from her custody.

Garza is now being held without bond, and has a lengthy criminal record. If convicted, Garza will face the death penalty.

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