Country star's accuser arrested

TYLER, TX Aisha Esbay, the woman who made the allegation, was taken to the Smith County Jail. Bond information was not immediately available and it was unclear if she had an attorney.

Smith County Sheriff's Lt. Larry Wiginton said investigators doubted Esbay's claims after interviewing witnesses.

"Nobody except for her and her mom said it happened that way," Wiginton said. "Everybody else that was there, people said it just didn't happen that way."

Esbay claimed the incident occurred when she approached Lambert at a Tyler club Saturday to ask for a photo for a friend. She said the singer allegedly snubbed her and treated someone else in Esbay's party poorly.

"I walked back over there to tell Miranda that she shouldn't treat her fans like that and she jumped up and started cussing me saying I was in the VIP section and needed to go back with the other trailer trash," Esbay previously told the Tyler Morning Telegraph.

Esbay added that Lambert then shoved her two times, pushing her backward.

"I caught myself on the stool and was just like OK, so I turned around and she shoved me two more times as she let the cuss words fly," she told the newspaper.

Before she was arrested, Esbay told KLTV that she had no reason to lie and hoped the truth would come out.

The false report charge is a misdemeanor, punishable by jail time, a fine or both, Wiginton said.

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