Authorities look for missing explosives

LIBERTY COUNTY, TX The lost explosives are comparable to hand grenades and could be a danger to anyone who picks them up.

They fell off a truck somewhere on a stretch of Highway 321 near Cleveland high school. Three of the explosives were found in a ditch north of the school. Three others were discovered nearby.

Key Energy Services says it was doing seismic testing near a subdivision close to Highway 321 and County Road 337. A company spokesperson says one of its workers left the location in a truck and the tailgate either came open or was left open. Investigators say a cooler carrying a cardboard box with 50 of those charges fell out of the truck.

The driver didn't realize the explosives were missing until he drove all the way down to FM 321 and stopped at Highway 105.

Investigators have now searched that 15 mile area on foot twice. They believe someone likely picked up that box.

"If someone finds it and they don't know what they are and they go messing with it or drop them or do something with them, it could be hazardous," said Captain High Bishop with the Liberty County Sheriff's Department.

The charges are shaped like bells. They're about two inches tall and about five and a half inches wide. Investigators say a portion of the charge is made of brass. They fear someone might be interested in melting down the brass to try to sell the metal. That, they say, could be quite dangerous.

The cooler these charges were in has as beige top, a dark green bottom and has metal handles on the side. If you know anyone who's seen these explosives, detectives urge you to tell them not to handle them, that they could be dangerous. If you have any information on the charges, call the Liberty County Sheriff's Department at 936-336-4500.

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