Pens help give singing sisters big break

SUGAR LAND, TX Eyewitness News first introduced you to the McKaylis girls two years ago. The group is made up of Madeline, 10, Mallory, 14, and Megan, 18 -- the lead singer. At the time, they were playing fairs and waiting on their future.

Last November, opportunity came knocking with a king-sized claw. Enter Bryan Michael-Cox -- a three-time Grammy award winning writer and producer , a heavyweight in hip-hop who's worked with the likes of Mary J. Bilge, Jessica Simpson and Mariah Carey.

How does a guy like this hook up with three country girls from Sugar Land, Texas? One word -- Mama.

"I couldn't understand why these girls weren't signed," explained Pamela Cox.

Pamela was in a Hobby Lobby late last year, arguing with her sisters over which pens to buy. Kurt McKaylis, the girls' father, overheard.

He recalled, "I went over there and started talking to them about the Sharpies, because I've got three picky daughters who sign autographs and things, and that's how the conversation started."

The two began talking music, and, on a lark, Pamela later found the McKaylis website.

She said, "I looked at that and what I saw there, to me, was unbelievable."

Pamela called her famous producer son, who then came to the McKaylis home and heard the girls sing. He, too, saw magic in the music.

"That's the genius in Bryan," Pamela explained. "Bryan knows how to merge and blend things together to make a new sound."

Bryan Michael-Cox has never produced country music, but the girls had already discussed fusing pop into their bluegrass roots. The two families quickly became one. Soon Bryan will begin producing the music McKaylis spends most of their days writing.

"I see us, you know, out there doing concerts and showing people who we are," said Mallory McKaylis.

Pamela added, "I see them world superstars – international superstars, not just the US. I see them around the world."

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