Truth meter checks Obama ads

HOUSTON We're putting the latest Obama ads through the truth meter.

"We've got CEOs making more in ten minutes than ordinary workers are making in a year," said Obama in one ad.

Obama is talking money in the latest ad running in Houston.

"The foundation of our economy is our workers," he said in the ad.

In a plea to the middle class, Obama tells voters he will close tax loopholes for CEOs and give $500 tax breaks per working adult in the home.

"My plan says lets return some balance to our tax code," said Obama in the commercial.

The truth meter is a little unclear here. It's true that Obama's plan calls for all three of these things, but an Associated Press analysis says Obama's tax plan would cost $80 to $85 billion, and the AP is not certain the Obama campaign has funded all those cuts.

"What we need is a fresh voice," said a supporter in one ad.

Then there is a new ad running statewide featuring a host of people calling for a new leader.

"We need someone like Obama," said a supporter in the ad.

Few specifics, but lots of Obama supporters.

"We need to change Washington. So we need to change the people who run it. It's just that simple," said three supporters.

Here's something new for the truth meter. The ad says 'Barack Obama for President,' but the fine print lets you know Barack didn't pay for it. Instead, the Service Employees International, a labor union, did.

Both Obama and Clinton have received support from groups like this, but Obama criticized John Edwards for receiving help like this and now accepts it himself.

The Obama campaign told the New York Times it would prefer supporters donate directly, but the campaign did not say they would push the union to stop airing the ads.

The truth meter is also taking a look at claims in one of Clinton's ads. We'll have that report for you later this week.

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