Dramatic rescue from fiery wreck caught on video

February 20, 2008 9:58:38 AM PST
A man whose rescue from a burning SUV by two Fort Worth police officers was dramatically captured on film says he feels like it's a miracle he's alive. The rollover accident happened February 11th on Interstate 35. The video was from a dashboard camera in a patrol car.

It shows officers Adam Coleman and Victor Tapia arriving at the scene as the GMC Yukon is burning -- and then the fire seems to flare up. Officers realize the driver is still in the vehicle, so they fight their way through the flames to drag him away from the burning SUV.

Kane Gonzales of Cleburne was the driver of the SUV. Officer Tapia used a knife to cut him out of his seat belt. Gonzales was in the hospital three days and is already back to work.

Officers Adam Coleman and Victor Tapia have been with the Fort Worth police department since 2005.

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