Early voting begins for Texas primary

February 19, 2008 11:01:21 AM PST
Let the voting begin. Thousands across the state are casting their ballots right now in the March 4th Texas primaries. [EARLY VOTING INFORMATION]

The polls for early voting opened at 8am. There has been a steady flow of people casting their votes for the primary election at a polling place on West Gray near Waugh.

The precinct judge says he's never seen so many people come in so quickly on the first day of early voting. Voting began at 8am and by 8:30am, at least 75 to 100 people had already cast their ballot in the Texas primary race for president.

"I have two kids. I wanted to get it out of the way," said early voter Susan Lee. " I didn't want to wait in line."

She says this is the first primary that she has paid attention to, the first one that she has ever voted in and she says it's the first time she feels like her vote really does count.

"It feels different. I feel like, I don't know, change, yeah I'm really following that this year," said Lee.

It's a sentiment that was expressed quite a few times this morning.

"I think that we have some diverse candidates and I think that it can make your choices clearer perhaps than in some of the ones that were very similar on both sides," said voter Cyndal Porter.

"The ones throwing the least stones are the ones I like the most," said voter Danny Vu. "It's contentious so I don't want my representatives acting that way. I don't want my country being seen that way."

"It's a very stark contrast this year. It's not going to be shades of gray. There is a lot of black and white between the two parties," said voter Jeff Weems.

These are opinions which are sure to intensify once we get closer to March 4.

"I believe that in Texas it will be building up to crescendo up through the March 4 date as people build not only for the early voting process and the primary day, but for their precinct caucuses at the close of the polls," said early voter Zeph Capo.

The precinct judge didn't have an exact number of how many voters had made their way to the polls but he believes there have been 500 plus just in the first three hours the poll has been open.