Accused student talks to Eyewitness News

February 13, 2008 4:26:05 AM PST
A student accused of threatening to blow up Pasadena high school is talking to Eyewitness News. Investigators say they received a tip through Crime Stoppers Safe School program that a student was making threats. Police searched 18-year-old Christopher Young's home and say they found bomb-making equipment. Young told Eyewitness News that he had experimented with homemade napalm, but he had no intentions of hurting anyone.

"I'm not gonna hurt anybody," said Young. "I'm not going to try to plant bombs at school or anything like that. I'm not that kind of person and I'm not sure why anyone would say that about me."

Young says he has learned his lesson and is done experimenting with explosives. A judge sentenced him to three years probation.

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