HPD gives details of burglary initiative

February 8, 2008 4:29:26 PM PST
The city's top cop this morning revealed details of an ongoing initiative to fight burglaries in far southwest Houston. HPD Chief Harold Hurtt laid out the details during a news conference in the Blue Ridge Park area The Houston Police Department says it's been working with other law enforcement agencies to try to reduce the number of residential burglaries on the far southwest side of the city.

Law enforcement noticed a spike in residential burglaries in the southwest division, which is between Highway 288 and Fondren. There were 190 burglaries in that month alone, but since that time, they've seen a 54 percent drop in burglaries and they say they've arrested 25 suspects in the process of committing crime.

To do that, police set up a crime prevention initiative, which includes an online crime tips submission form, a community newsletter and a team of officers working specifically on the residential burglary problem.

"We've been very good at being able to use our technology, the latest technology, in identifying these hot spots and moving resources in and combining these resources with not only the Houston Police Department, but with the county and the constables," said HPD Chief Harold Hurtt Friday.

"We have HPD officer ride through now and they're kind of maintaining it. It's getting better," said resident. "But we still have a big problem with kids."

HPD says fighting truancy is part of the effort, which will continue. Police want to duplicate the effort in other parts of town.

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