Group calls for sheriff's resignation

January 25, 2008 5:16:59 AM PST
The Harris County sheriff's email scandal is sparking calls for Sheriff Tommy Thomas to resign. Iit's a story that 13 Undercover broke.The Houston's Minister's Against Crime held a press conference today in southeast Houston. They say they are very upset over what they saw on Eyewitness News a few days ago.

The controversy is over a cartoon in emails released to 13 Undercover, emails sent between Harris County Sheriff Tommy Thomas and some of his top commanders.

It's a picture of the Reverend Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. The caption reads, 'Oh, wishing star, we wish for an end to racial strife and bigotry.' In the next frame, the two black civil rights leaders go 'poof.'

It's a cartoon that Sheriff Thomas told 13 Undercover was no more than political satire.

But the ministers say they don't see it that way. This comes on the heels of so much controversy over District Attorney Chuck Rosenthal's questionable emails.

The ministers said they gathered today to showcase their displeasure over the sheriff's email and they say just as they have called for Rosenthal's resignation, it's also time for the sheriff to go.

"We call for the resignation of the sheriff of this town, Brother Thomas, right now. He should step down," said Pastor Robert Jefferson with Ministers Against Crime. "No man with all of this hatred in his heart should be standing in a position like he has right now. And we call for his resignation just like we did for the district attorney's resignations and anybody else down there that is a bigot."

These ministers say over the last couple of weeks, their anger has only increased with each new detail they have seen in the media, starting with DA Rosenthal. They called for his resignation. He has not stepped down.

Now, they want Sheriff Thomas to resign as well. They say they are not ending with today's news conference. They plan on filing lawsuits and holding protests and rallies in the coming weeks.

The group says they are just beginning as a community because what they have seen from the Harris County administration, they are simply not happy with.

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