Students conduct energy audits

January 23, 2008 5:26:09 PM PST
They call themselves "Operation Green Team" and they could teach you a thing or two about saving energy in your home. Some Westside High School students are conducting home energy audits as part of their environmental systems class. They split up into teams and check everything from caulking and insulation to measuring light.

The students do more than just identify problems -- they're also responsible for coming up with solutions.

Teacher Carolyn Klein said, "The kids are going to have to do the math, look at their results today and think about what we can do in that house to lower the electric bills. we have a goal of lowering the energy use by 15%."

British Petroleum gave the students from Westside High $1,500 for the energy audit program. Repairs will be made at the homes they audited next month.

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