Stillborn's body sent to cleaners

January 23, 2008 10:31:03 AM PST
A North Texas couple are suing a hospital after their stillborn baby's body was sent with dirty laundry to the cleaners. The lawsuit filed in state district court in Fort Worth says the staff at Huguley Memorial Medical Center of Fort Worth took 19 hours to find the missing, disfigured body.

Kourtney McGee of Cleburne went to Huguley in July with bleeding in her second trimester. A boy was stillborn, and staff told McGee and the father, Milburn "Pete" Robinson of Alvarado, that the body would be taken the morgue.

But the lawsuit says that when the funeral director arrived, he was told the body couldn't be found. Instead, it was sent to a commercial cleaner with the laundry. When it was found, the body wasn't refrigerated when it got to the morgue.

The lawsuit alleges gross negligence by the hospital staff. The hospital's attorney says Huguley did nothing inappropriate.

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