Muslims march to protest terrorism

January 20, 2008 8:06:30 PM PST
Muslims in Houston were standing together against terrorism today. They marched through the streets of downtown to show their support for Islam. It's a march that's becoming an annual tradition.

Those who participated in today's march are carrying on a tradition that is more than 1,300 years old. Nearly 2,000 local Muslims men and women slowly made their way down Milam Street in downtown Houston. They were chanting and praying as they commemorated the life of Imam Hussain, the grandson of the holy prophet Mohammed. Hussain stood up against tyranny and was killed for it.

While this happened nearly 1,400 years ago, those downtown today say his message transcends through time and applies to what's happening in our world today.

"It wasn't just that day. It's every day," said participant Ahmed Zaidi. "You have to stand up to tyranny, stand up for what's wrong. You just can't stay quiet and let it pass over."

"Hussain is an example for all humanity to never allow injustice for anybody," said participant Rahim Muhammad.

The message out at the event today is to stop the oppression, the aggression, the injustices that are going on around the world today. Participants say they will be there next year to renew their protest against terrorism.

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