Candidate admits using doctored photos

January 21, 2008 7:29:53 PM PST
A local congressional candidate used an unusual tactic to get voters to see him in a different light. Dean Hrbacek admits the photo on his campaign flyer is fake. The picture has Hrbacek's head on the body of another man. So if the Republican candidate misrepresented himself physically, will voters be concerned he'll misrepresent himself politically?

At first glance, the campaign flyer sent by Hrbacek doesn't appear much different than most. That is, until you take a closer look. He admits the picture is actually of his head on someone else's body.

"We're quite amused by the notoriety they're receiving at this point," said Hrbacek.

Hrbacek admits, though, that his campaign made a mistake by allowing the flyers to be made and sent to thousands of voters.

"The buck stops with me," said Hrbacek. "We're going to take responsibility for our actions. Like most campaigns, we've made a mistake now."

Hrbacek wouldn't tell us why or how this happened.

"Did you know about that before the flyers were sent out?" we asked him.

"Kevin, whatever happens, the buck stops with me," Hrbacek answered.

"I think it's very deceptive when a candidate does that," said Robert Talton, who's also running for in the race for District 22.

There are nine other candidates vying for the Republican spot in the election for District 22, a seat now held by Democrat Nick Lampson, and a seat that once belonged to embattled Congressman Tom DeLay.

"The voters here in the 22nd District here in Texas will ultimately decide what's appropriate behavior and what is not," said Pete Olson, who's also running for the District 22 seat.

Though we asked Hrbacek repeatedly whether he thought tinkering with the picture is appropriate, he would say only that he now wants to focus on the real issues.

"Our focus needs to be slimming down the federal budget, needs to be transportation, needs to be transportation, needs to be economic development," said Hrbacek.