Flooded residents want answers

January 16, 2008 5:25:30 PM PST
Heavy rains soaked the Bayou City and beyond last night, including a southeast Houston neighborhood where a drainage problem, reported months ago, apparently still hasn't been fixed.There is about a foot of standing water in the middle of the street in the Riverside Terrace subdivision. It was even deeper when Eyewitness News came out about two months ago. The residents complained then, and they want to know why the problem hasn't been fixed yet.

'Very inconvenient' is putting the situation mildly on Roseneath near Cullen. Water that neighbors say is several feet deep fills the road after a night of steady rain.

"It takes quite a while for them to pump the water down," said resident William Cash. "So, us as residents, we can't go to work, we can't keep appointments unless we remember to park our cars down the street."

William and his wife Cheryl Cash are happy to see public works out this morning working to drain the water. But the couple is concerned, since this kind of flooding has been happening for months.

William said, "If I weren't to pay my property taxes, the city would come after me. What recourse do I have with the city when they don't come out and take care of the problem?"

"It stands from one rain until another ? that's how bad it is," said resident Edith Edwards.

Resident Charles Anderson wants to know, "What does it take for an average citizen to get something done when it comes to city services?"

City crews are working to drain the water from the location. When Eyewitness News first investigated this area a couple of months ago, the city told us that a storm drain for the area had collapsed, causing this kind of flooding during even mild rains. At the time, we were told they were working on the problem, trying to find a private contractor to fix the drain. As of this morning, officials are checking to see where the situation stands.

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