Another group calls for DA's resignation

January 11, 2008 7:28:08 AM PST
Another Houston-area organization is expected to demand Harris County DA Chuck Rosenthal to resign over inappropriate e-mails.The Houston Ministers Against Crime will hold a press conference at 10 am.

Last night, the Houston Chapter of the NAACP voted unanimously to demand the DA leave office immediately. Leaders say they have lost confidence in the chief prosecutor and don't believe he has the moral integrity to continue leading the office.

"I think the most troubling is for an office that should know the law that violates the law and it doesn't matter what race that person is in," said Carol Mims Galloway President, Houston NAACP.

The Texas Attorney General is also heading up a criminal investigation into Rosenthal's questionable emails, which included racist jokes, pornography and campaign work apparently done on taxpayer time.

By law, the Texas attorney general can investigate a public official, which is what they are doing now. Should there be evidence of a crime -- a judge could appoint a special prosecutor.

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