Profile: Hillary Clinton

January 3, 2008 6:29:10 PM PST
Political profile of candidate Hillary ClintonHILLARY CLINTON, Democrat
U.S. Senator from New York since 2001
Age 60

EXPERIENCE: U.S. Senator from New York, 2001-present; First Lady of the United States, 1993-2001; Partner, Rose Law Firm, Little Rock, Arkansas, 1979-1992; Associate, Rose Law Firm, 1976-1979; faculty member, University of Arkansas Law School, Fayetteville, Arkansas, 1975; staff attorney, presidential impeachment inquiry, House Judiciary Committee, 1974; staff attorney, Children's Defense Fund, 1973.

EDUCATION: Bachelor's degree in political science, Wellesley College, 1969; Juris Doctor, Yale University Law School, 1973.

FAMILY: Husband, former President Bill Clinton. One daughter, Chelsea, 27.


  • Favors abortion rights.

  • Proposes a $10 billion plan for universal preschool and more money for special education.
  • Opposes performance-based merit pay for teachers.
  • Favors incentives for teachers who work in places and on subjects where shortages exist.
  • Supported No Child Left Behind accountability law but says it has not been properly financed or run, and should be replaced.
  • Supports $10,000 higher education scholarships for all who engage in national service full-time for a year.
  • Wants to raise value of tuition tax credit to a maximum $3,500 from $1,650.

  • Supports recognition of same-sex civil unions short of marriage.
  • Would let states decide whether to recognize same-sex marriage.
  • Opposes constitutional amendment against it.

  • Proposes 10-year, $150 billion energy package, including $50 billion "strategic energy fund" to develop new sources of fuel. Fund would be paid for by eliminating tax subsidies for oil companies.
  • Wants tougher fuel efficiency standards financed in part by $20 billion in "green vehicle bonds."
  • Voted for 2003 bill that would have capped 2010 emissions at 2000 levels.
  • Would use some of the money from auctioning pollution credits to cushion higher consumer energy costs resulting from emission cuts.

  • Voted for ban on assault-type weapons and to require background checks at gun shows.
  • Favored leaving gun-makers and dealers open to civil suits.
  • Supported proposals for a federal requirement for state-issued photo gun licenses, as well as a national registry for handgun sales.

  • Favors mandatory universal coverage in first term.
  • Supports tax credits for working families to make insurance more affordable, ensuring premiums do not exceed a percentage of income.
  • Supports requiring businesses to offer insurance to employees or pay into a pool for people without it.
  • Wants to expand Medicare and federal employees' health insurance plan to cover those without adequate workplace insurance.
  • Also wants to raise taxes on wealthier families to help pay estimated cost of $110 billion a year.
  • Wants to raise taxes on a portion of "very generous" plans covering people making more than $250,000.

  • Voted for 2006 bill that would have provided conditional path to citizenship.
  • Supported border fence.

  • IRAQ:
  • Opposed troop increase, but has also opposed using congressional spending power to end war.
  • Has not committed to withdrawal timetable and says some troops will have to remain to continue fighting terrorism in Iraq and the region.
  • Voted in favor of Iraq war authorization. Now says she would not vote that way again.

  • Opposes using a portion of payroll taxes to finance private retirement accounts.
  • Noncommittal on raising the $97,500 income cap on Social Security.
  • Proposes a federal match of up to $1,000 per person to help people set up 401(k) plans in program costing $25 billion a year, to be paid for by freezing the estate tax at 2009 levels.

  • TAXES:
  • Would let some of Bush's tax cuts expire in 2010 as scheduled, in effect raising taxes on wealthier people to help pay for programs.
  • Her tax proposals are focused on universal health care plan, including tax credits to make insurance more affordable.
  • She would also tax a portion of health insurance benefits provided to workers making more than $250,000.
  • Would maintain estate tax on the richest tier.
  • Would increase tax breaks for college.
  • Supports $1 billion paid family leave program to be financed by eliminating some tax shelters.
  • 25 percent support in Dec. 31st Des Moines Register Iowa Poll.

  • She is the first First Lady elected to public office. Her Senate bio also says she's "the first woman elected independently statewide in New York State."