How to avoid mold while cleaning up winter storm damage

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Wednesday, February 24, 2021
Tips to avoid mold after winter storm
It may be warm outside, but millions of Texans are still cleaning up the damage from last week's storm. This expert is sharing his tips to avoid mold during the cleanup.

SPRING, Texas (KTRK) -- The weather may be getting warmer, but millions of Texans are still cleaning up damage from last week's winter storm.

Anthony Cruz, owner of AdvantaClean in Spring, is sharing his tips to avoid mold and moisture damage in the cleanup process.

First, once you or a plumber have fixed a broken pipe, have one person turn on the water outside and one person walk through the house. Go room to room to look for leaks, and if you see water, have the person outside turn off the valve immediately.

Once the pipe is fixed, remove wet carpets as soon as possible. They will start to smell, especially now that the temperatures are rising. Hardwood floors may also start to buckle depending on the amount of water on them.

Anything that is porous, including drywall and insulation, will also need to be removed because moisture will set in.

You can identify mold by its musty smell. You'll also notice spotting in places that took on water. If you can't find the source or the spot where the mold is originating, you'll need to call a mold assessment consultant to test your home.

A mistake many homeowners make is repairing the damage too soon. It's important to not put down new carpet or put up new drywall too soon after the leak because moisture can still be trapped in the walls or floor. You need to make sure everything is fully dried out, or you could face even more extensive repairs in a few weeks or months.

The final tip is document everything. Insurance companies may ask to see everything, including the broken piece of pipe, the drywall or the carpet before it's thrown away.

If you want to learn more about AdvantaClean, visit their website.