Video shows chase of Jordan Davenport after confrontation outside Cypress home

CYPRESS, Texas (KTRK) -- The attorneys for an ex-NFL lineman and his friend say an autopsy report and video clear their clients of any wrongdoing in the death of 29-year-old Jordan Davenport last year.

Brent Mayr says his client, Scott Montgomery, and Montgomery's friend, Khalif Barnes, who has played for the Jaguars, Raiders, Saints and Cardinals, have been wanting to respond to allegations they had anything to do with Davenport's death for months.

Davenport's body was found Oct. 31, 2018. Barnes and Montgomery are believed to be the last ones to have seen him alive.

Montgomery's home surveillance video, provided by Mayr to ABC13 Eyewitness News, shows a man believed to be Davenport stumble into Montgomery's backyard in Cypress around 1:10 a.m. on Oct. 28. The two families were hanging out. Barnes and Montgomery confront him. Davenport takes off running. The two men cannot keep up. They try to track him down in their car, but return unsuccessful.

"They have no idea why he's there, what he's doing. What he's capable of, and our clients' first instinct was to protect their families, as anyone would do," said Mayr.

Davenport's body was found three days later in the Towne Lake neighborhood lake. Some had accused Barnes and Montgomery of beating him before he died.

"They've had to live with this trauma. People pointing fingers at them for almost three months. It's been very difficult for them," said Mayr.

Last week, ABC13 reported Davenport's death was ruled a suicide. According to the final autopsy report, his blood/alcohol content was 0.24, three times the legal limit. In addition, any trauma to his body came after his death. Surveillance video obtained by Harris County Sheriff's Office investigators showed Davenport jumping into the water, the report says, "with no other persons in the vicinity."

"It just confirms the truth, which we knew all along. They had nothing to do with Jordan Davenport's death," Mayr said. "On behalf of our clients, we wish this family peace."

Davenport left behind three daughters and heartbroken parents. They are challenging the coroner's ruling. A rally for Davenport, with Quanell X, is planned for Sunday, Feb. 24 at 4 p.m. at Towne Lake.


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