Great aunt says both parents need to be held accountable in twins' deaths: 'Does break my heart'

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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
Great-aunt wants niece accused of twins' deaths held accountable
After the arrests of Angelina Calderon and Fernando Vega in their daughters' deaths, a family member told only ABC13 they need to be held accountable.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A family wants justice for the twin girls found dead six months ago in southeast Houston on Linden Creek Lane.

Over the weekend, the twins' parents were arrested and charged with injury to a child with serious bodily injury in connection with the babies' deaths.

Angelina Belinda Calderon and Fernando Vega, both 21, are accused of roles in the deaths of their 6-week-old daughters, Massail and Mirena, last October.

Further investigation revealed Calderon and Vega as suspects who were taken into custody on Friday, April 19, without incident.

"She's one of the best mothers that I know," Angelina Calderon's sister told Eyewitness News this week, adding that her sister was at work the day the children died.

Multiple family members told Eyewitness News that Vega was abusive toward Calderon. Two weeks ago, court documents show he was arrested for unlawfully restraining her.

Meanwhile, Angelina Calderon's aunt, Sarah Calderon, doesn't believe she physically harmed the children, but she does think the mother should be held accountable for what else investigators found.

"I'm just really disappointed, it hurts - it really does break my heart," Sarah Calderon said in an interview Only on 13. "They need to both be held accountable. Because, OK, even if I don't think she would physically harm them, like the babies weren't even taken care of."

Investigators said the twins' parents are accused of playing a role in their daughters' deaths.

In October, Vega called for help at their home in southeast Houston when he says his daughters were unresponsive in their crib.

Six months and an autopsy report later, investigators say the twins died from blunt force trauma, were severely malnourished, and had old and new injuries when they were found.

"He was the last one with my kids when they died. I don't care - you're making me look like I'm a bad person," Angelina Calderon told Vega in probable cause court this weekend while defending herself, saying her babies died while she was at work.

"I'm sure he did one more thing, right? But the injuries, weeks old, some of them. So what are you going to say about that? It's not just that one time, and what are you going to say about them being malnourished and dehydrated?" Sarah Calderon asked.

Sarah Calderon says she wants justice for her twin nieces and believes until that happens, they won't be at peace.

"They were definitely loved. It was hard when they passed away. I couldn't believe it," she said. "I can't stop thinking about what they went through."

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