18-year-old charged with capital murder in shooting death of 16-year-old in north Harris Co.

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Friday, March 24, 2023
Video captures shooting that killed 16-year-old boy in N. Harris Co.
New video obtained by ABC13 shows the 16-year-old in his last moments, talking to someone in a gray Volkswagen Passat. Deputies said the teen tried to run to get help but collapsed and died.

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) -- A man has been charged with capital murder over a month after a 16-year-old was shot and killed in north Harris County.

The murder charge was filed the day the suspect, Kyrand Jelks, turned 18, according to court records. Investigators previously said they thought the shooting may have been drug-related.

Records show the 18-year-old is in custody as of Friday.

The video above is from a previous report.

Surveillance video shows 16-year-old Zion Lampley's last moments before he was shot -- where he was talking to someone in a gray car.

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Harris County sheriff's deputies said Lampley was shot at least twice before he tried to run to get help, but collapsed and died.

The shooting happened on Feb. 12 in the middle of the afternoon at 22944 Imperial Valley Drive.

Lampley was in the parking lot of a business strip center when detectives said a car stopped and there was a short interaction.

Surveillance video shows Lampley approach a gray Volkswagen Passat.

Lampley appears to lean into the window on the driver's side, interacting with the occupants. He talks for about a minute and then, the car starts to drive away.

The surveillance video shows the teen trying to hold onto the car, possibly trying to prevent it from driving off. That's the moment when the shots were fired and Zion fell backward, onto the ground.

The teen jumped to his feet and ran across the street, but collapsed again, deputies said. That's where he was found dead.

ORIGINAL REPORT: 16-year-old shot, killed outside of shopping center in N. Harris County, HCSO says

A nearby business shared the surveillance video with ABC13.

Deputies said they believe the 16-year-old lived at an apartment complex near the strip center.

Homicide detectives said they have an idea about a possible motive.

"We know that the juvenile male had been here at the location for some time and had interacted with several vehicles," Sgt. Jason Brown said. "It's possible this may be drug related. But again, we are not sure at this time."

Dekaney High School head football coach Anthony Williams told ABC13 Lampley was one of his sophomore players.

"It was just a tough pill for us to swallow because you shouldn't have to bury a kid at 15, 16, years old," Williams, said. "And unfortunately, we've done this too often."

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