DWI driver leads police on dangerous wrong-way chase on I-45 from Houston to Conroe

A wrong-way driver is facing charges of DWI, evading arrest and reckless driving after a chase on I-45 from Houston to Conroe.

Thursday, September 30, 2021
DWI driver leads police on wrong-way chase on I-45
Police said when they finally stopped the driver with spike strips on I-45 in Conroe he didn't know where he was and thought he had been driving on US-290.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A wrong-way driver put the lives of others at risk. Police chased him from Houston to Conroe overnight, and officers said he didn't even know where he was when it was all over.

Houston police aren't sure where the driver got on I-45, going northbound in the southbound lanes, but it's a miracle he didn't crash into anyone. Multiple drivers reported seeing the wrong-way driver starting around 2:45 a.m. Thursday.

"He's nearly striking other vehicles. He's kind of weaving pretty heavily," an emergency responder was heard reporting on a radio call. "Swerved from the number one lane to the number two lane a couple of times, nearly hitting other vehicles and an 18-wheeler."

There were some dramatic moments before police were able to catch up with the driver and stop him at I-45 near Crighton Road in Conroe. The chase lasted over 10 minutes, police said.

Houston Transtar cameras captured the driver traveling in the wrong direction at Paramatta. Drivers on the freeway had to pull over to stay out of his way.

"We obviously radioed communication up to Montgomery County units and other units that were north of the Houston area, and let them know. They were able to shut down the freeway," Lt. Mark Contreras said. "Shut down 45 in the southbound lanes to prevent any kind of accidents that could happen."

The driver was ultimately stopped by spike strips.

"He told us he got on after leaving a restaurant off the Westheimer and 610 area. We don't know whether he was driving the wrong way on 610 or not, but we do know that when he eventually got on 45, he was driving northbound in the southbound lanes," Contreras said. "When we talked to him, he was very confused. He didn't understand where he was. He thinks that where we are right now, which is 45 north of Houston, almost in Conroe, he thought he was on 290."

The driver also told police he didn't even realize he was being chased, officers said.

The driver was not hurt. Police said he would be charged with evading arrest, DWI and reckless driving.

He could possibly face other charges in Montgomery County as well.

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