Wrench flies into windshield as man was driving down Highway 225

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Tuesday, June 1, 2021
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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- This was certainly a close call.

A woman is issuing a warning to make sure people securely pack their belongings in their vehicles after a wrench flew into her windshield while her husband was driving.

Angel Marie said her husband was driving along Highway 225 near Broadway Street when a wrench suddenly smashed into the windshield.

She posted about the incident on a Pasadena community Facebook page warning other drivers.

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"If you lost a wrench on 225, it's in my windshield," she said. "[It's] been repaired and no one is injured except my budget."

She said it cost her $500 to get her windshield fixed.

Marie said the incident came at a tough time as she says money's been tight. She said her husband recently had eye surgery and pieces of shards got into his eye.

She's hoping Houston drivers will take precaution the next time they hit the road.

"[It] could've been a life," she wrote. "I am grateful."