Spring man sentenced to 45 years for killing neighbor who helped his ex-wife and baby leave

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Saturday, July 2, 2022
Spring man sentenced to 45 years for neighbor's murder back in 2017
Hector Campos was described as "an angry man with a gun who could not control himself" by District Attorney Kim Ogg. Records say he had it out for Ana Weed because she helped his e

SPRING, Texas (KTRK) -- A Spring man convicted of killing his neighbor in her front yard back in 2017 has been sentenced to 45 years in prison, according to the Harris County District Attorney's Office.

On Thursday, 48-year-old Hector Campos was found guilty of murder for shooting Ana Weed in broad daylight as she stood with her dog in her front yard.

"I'm glad we got to see him shackled at the ankles and then cuffed. It was a reality check for him and his face just showed it," Weed's younger brother, Arnold Aldrete, said. "It made us happy. It gave us relief."

The family spoke to ABC13 on Friday. They said they've waited a long time for justice.

"It took 5 and half years for justice, but I don't hate him," Weed's mother, Virginia Montalvom, said. "And one day, I'll forgive him, you know, for what he did."

The deadly shooting happened back on Jan. 24, 2017, in the 3400 block of Mourning Drive in Spring, officials said.

Weed's family members testified they had a feud with Campos that started when his then-wife took the couple's infant daughter on a trip to Mexico in June 2016. Records say Campos planned the trip but then changed his mind and tried to cancel it. That's when Weed drove Campos' then-wife and baby to the airport, which angered the man. It led him to file for divorce.

Months later, officials said Campos was cleaning his truck in his driveway when he confronted Weed about where his estranged ex-wife and daughter were. An argument erupted and in the middle of it all, Weed's dog got away from her and ran toward Campos, barking.

Weed, who, according to police had clear packaging tape in her hand from wrapping a gift for her grandson, tried to retrieve the dog.

That's when Campos shot her one time and killed her.

Campos later told police he shot Weed in self-defense, a claim the jury rejected.

"Hector Campos is a violent and vengeful man who killed his neighbor simply because they did not get along," District Attorney Kim Ogg said. "Ana Weed, a loving wife, mother, and grandmother is dead and her family is devastated because an angry man with a gun could not control himself."

"You took away the life of an incredible and valuable person," Weed's sister, Carmen Guillen, said during her victim impact statement. "We will cherish her memory and she will never be forgotten. She lives on through her son and grandchildren."

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A Harris County jury leveled a $70 million judgement against a Spring man accused of killing his neighbor.