'Intent to kill': Family says neighbor executed Spring woman out of revenge

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Saturday, January 28, 2017
Family accuses neighbor of killing woman out of revenge
Relatives of a Spring woman say her murder was an act of revenge.

SPRING, TX (KTRK) -- Loved ones say Ana Weed's alleged killer was angry "she helped his family escape horrible abuse."

Speaking to reporters from their attorney's office Friday, Scott Weed accused his neighbor, Hector Campos, of intentionally seeking to kill his wife.

He also says Campos, 43, has been sharing lies about her in the media to tarnish her memory.

ORIGINAL REPORT: Man charged in fatal shooting of neighbor in Spring

Woman shot to death during argument in Spring, Tracy Clemons reports.

Campos, 43, is charged with Ana Weed's murder after she was gunned down outside her home on Tuesday, in plain view of their neighbors on Mourning Dove Drive.

The aftermath was all recorded on camera as Scott Weed was hunched over his dying wife, another neighbor holding Campos at gunpoint until police could arrive.

Attorneys for Campos said he feared for his life and shot Ana Weed after she allegedly assaulted him with a roll of packing tape.

Jon Parchman, Campos's attorney, told Eyewitness News Wednesday that the two got into an argument over the whereabouts of his estranged wife.

Campos believed Ana Weed knew where she and their 1-year-old daughter are, and said he hasn't seen them since last June.

But, Ana's family tells a very different story of long-standing intimidation.

After a series of alleged run-ins with their neighbor, Scott Weed said their dog had gotten out on Tuesday. A short time later, Campos emerged and was going to kick their dog.

Ana Weed was still on their property, Scott says, when she reached out to get the dog. That is when he says she was gunned down in their front yard.

On the day she died, Ana Weed was wearing an electronic device meant to help her vertebra heal after recent neck surgery.

ORIGINAL REPORT: Man charged in fatal shooting of neighbor in Spring

Woman shot to death during argument in Spring, Tracy Clemons reports.

Holding up the black neck device, Scott Weed showed Eyewitness News the path of the bullet that killed his wife.

He says the bullet entered with a downward motion, bursting forth from the back of the device before striking his wife in the chest.

"My wife was squatting down, holding the dog," Scott Weed said, adding, "Hector point blank shot her in the chest, with an intent to kill."

Scott Weed also said Campos had a history of trying to intimidate his wife, standing on the edge of his property anytime she would walk their dogs.

WATCH: Hector Campos walks out of jail after being charged with murdering female neighbor

Hector Campos bonds out of jail after being charged with murdering his neighbor

"If she was to say one word, he'd call police and say I threatened him," Scott said. "He did this three times."

Tangelica Weed, Scott's sister, accused Campos of seething with hate for her after she helped his estranged wife during their divorce.

Tangelica claims Ana Weed helped Campos's "family escape horrible abuse, and he couldn't stand that."

"The only thing that this man had to fear from my sister-in-law was her courage, her strength, and her unwillingness to allow him to continue to abuse his wife," Tangelica said.

Scott's brother, Brandon Weed, rebuffed Campos's allegations Ana and her sons were harassing him.

"We know he's a monster," Brandon said. "Any man who can execute a helpless woman can easily be a liar, as well."

The family described the late Ana as being a "pillar of the community," volunteering at church and teaching Bible studies to the youth group.

Campos is currently out of jail on a $50,000 bond, a fact that leaves Scott Weed feeling helpless.

"It's just not right," Scott Weed said. "To see him out on bail, free to run the streets, is beyond me. I can't believe this guy is walking. It's incredible."