HPD arrest local rapper accused of holding pregnant woman hostage for several years in SE Houston

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Saturday, January 6, 2024
Houston rapper accused of holding woman captive for years
Lee Carter, 52, could be facing several charges after being accused of holding a pregnant woman hostage at a home in NE Houston for years.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A local Houston rapper was arrested on Thursday after being accused of holding a pregnant woman against her will for years inside a southeast Houston home, according to police.

The allegations include kidnapping and sexual assault.

After our ABC13 news team called the Houston Police Department, officers broke through a window on Friday evening and opened a door to gain entry inside the home. Officials said they were concerned because they hadn't heard from the victim.

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"We found a dog inside, feces on the floor, and an empty room with the TV on," explained HPD Commander Michael Collins.

The home, on Perry Street in southeast Houston, had a boarded-up window.

"At one point, maybe a year ago now, the cops come banging on my door claiming somebody had called from inside the house and was kidnapped or not able to leave on her own," neighbor Jedediah Beights said.

"Right then, as the cops are standing at my door, a gal comes crawling out that window just there, just clawing her way out, pregnant, eight months."

The man who reportedly owns the house, 52-year-old Lee Carter, was arrested at a nearby motel on Thursday. He is currently in jail.

The accusations against him are so concerning that a judge cleared the room before reading aloud court documents and setting his bond at $100,000.

Carter is accused of picking up a pregnant woman while she was panhandling in south Houston and then bringing her to his house.

The woman told police Carter locked her up, raped her, and forced her to take drugs, including crack cocaine, for years.

Court documents don't show if she ever gave birth and, if she did, what happened to the baby.

Neighbors told ABC13 that they would see her sometimes.

"He would back his car up to the shop, load her up, back up to the door at the front of the house so she could bathe," Beights said.

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Houston police confirm they received eight calls for service to the house in the past year.

The woman reported that officers took her to the hospital multiple times, but she told police the suspect would always later pick her up and bring her back to the home.

In April, firefighters say they opened the door and found a plastic door lock, a broken toilet, a dirty mattress, a television, food, clothes, and diapers.

The woman, officials said, weighed only about 70 pounds.

The suspect is a real estate broker whose attorney said he is in the process of obtaining his master's in Business Administration.

As the investigation continued, it was discovered that the suspect is a popular Houston rapper, who goes by the stage name "Viper."

"It's just a creepy situation. We have no idea what's really going on," Beights said. "You can't write this stuff. It's strange to see with your own eyes."

"It makes me sick as a human being. And I can tell you as a police department, we are here for the citizens of Houston, we are here for the community, and we are here to make sure that this individual and her family gets justice," Commander Collins said.

The woman's whereabouts remain unknown, according to Houston police.

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