Tracking the Devil: The William Reece confessions

HOUSTON, Texas -- For almost two decades, the families of Laura Smither, Kelli Cox, Tiffany Johnston and Jessica Cain searched for answers in their daughters' disappearances. All four vanished with no explanation in 1997.

Laura, 12, was an aspiring ballerina. She went for a jog in her Friendswood neighborhood and never came back.

Kelli, 20, was a student at the University of North Texas. She went on a field trip with her criminal justice class to the Denton City Jail and was last seen at a convenience store across the street.

Tiffany, 19, was a newlywed who had just moved to Bethany, Oklahoma. She went out to a car wash and was never seen again.

Jessica, 17, was celebrating at a theater cast party. Her friends saw her leave a Bennigan's restaurant in Clear Lake, but she never made it home.

It wasn't until 2015 that new DNA technology and new evidence would link a Texas prison inmate, William Reece, to Tiffany Johnston's murder. Shortly after that, he began confessing to other killings in an attempt to make a deal.

Now, the families of the victims are talking about their grief, anger and long path to justice in the ABC13 Original 'Tracking the Devil'. ABC13's Marla Carter also talks to the investigators who were instrumental in the case and has an exclusive look at Reece's stunning confession tapes.

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