Daughter Turns to Ted after mom's washer repairs stalled for months

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Tuesday, August 3, 2021
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When a mom and daughter weren't getting anywhere with GE on their washer and dryer, they Turned to Ted. After one month, the family got a response.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- When Rita Brown bought a new washer and dryer for her mom during Christmastime, they were on backorder.

When it finally arrived in February, she kept having issues.

"When mom would wash clothes, the washer would not spin. The water would have to be dipped out with the cup," Brown said. "My mom has arthritis, very, very bad in both hands. So that was really a nuisance."

Brown doesn't live near her mom but visited often to help with laundry, so her arthritis wouldn't flare up from wringing out the clothes by hand.

"It was a horrible burden because she couldn't wash clothes," Brown said.

When the issue kept happening every time she would wash her clothes, she called the manufacturer, GE, who sent a technician to figure out what was wrong.

Brown said the initial technician didn't find anything wrong, but every time her mom washed her clothes, it still wouldn't drain properly so she called GE again.

"The third service tech that came out identified that the motherboard was defective and after, they were (going to) order the parts, which were on backorder, which would have taken about two months," Brown said.

After months of waiting for repairs, Brown decided she just wanted to return it so she could buy a replacement, but when that didn't work, she Turned to Ted.

"I reached out to Channel 13 because you guys do an amazing job. You always help everyone with the problems that they have. If you guys wouldn't have been involved, we probably would still have the same problem," Brown said.

We called GE and they called Brown asking if she wanted a new washer or a refund. She said she'd like a refund and soon the company picked up the defective washer and dropped off a check for the $578 she paid for it.

"Fantastic. The burden has been lifted," Brown said. "If anyone has problems, they need to reach out to you guys because you guys are awesome."

Brown used the refund to buy another washer for her mom, and so far, she says it is working out great.

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