Humble homeowners waiting for windows Turn to Ted

Tuesday, October 25, 2022
Humble homeowners waiting for windows Turn to Ted
An Humble family needed new windows, but when they couldn't see through delays and disappointments, they Turned to Ted.

HUMBLE, Texas (KTRK) -- After living in their home for decades, Mike and Glenda Marshall decided it was time for some updates.

"My wife and I bought this house new in 1979. There weren't as many houses here then. Not as big a city. There was not as big a freeway," Marshall told ABC13's Ted Oberg. "We've totally remodeled the house over the last four or five years. The windows were the last big thing to do. We had everything inside replaced or redone - new floors, new bathroom, new kitchen, everything done, even our balcony. And so, the windows were the last step. They were the original, single-pane windows. They looked old and had the aluminum frame. We want something to look more attractive."

After getting bids from three places on the windows, Marshall said past projects with Lowe's went well and they had a good bid. They decided to move forward with replacing the windows and signed a contract with Lowe's on Aug. 26, 2021.

Marshall said Lowe's told him the windows would be there by early January, but then it got pushed back to mid-February, and then late February.

By March, some of the windows were still missing.

Marshall said blame shifted from store to manufacturer and back again, all the while he and his wife were making payments on windows they didn't have.

Finally, in late May, nine months after they signed the contract, Lowe's agreed to install what they did have, but Marshall said they used the wrong color caulk, which added to the delays in finalizing the couple's window replacement project.

"It was déj vu all over again," Marshall said. "I'm really angry, so I thought, 'OK, last chance. I will contact Ted Oberg's office, Channel 13, because they do a good job of following up.'"

Our Turn to Ted team reached out and Lowe's corporate office quickly got involved, but even that wasn't an overnight fix.

Finally, earlier this month, Marshall told us the final window was installed and the windows were re-caulked with the right color.

"It looks good," Marshall said. "If you have any trouble, call Ted Oberg. He'll help you out."

In a statement, Lowe's told us, "The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. Lowe's customer relations has been working directly with Michael Marshall to address his concerns, and we are pleased that the issue has been resolved to his satisfaction."

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