This Week in Texas explores how artificial intelligence has impacted several corners of the world

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Monday, July 31, 2023
This Week in Texas explores the booming impact of AI
ABC13's political program This Week in Texas looks at the booming impact of artificial intelligence and the close race for the mayor of Houston.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Artificial Intelligence, popularly known as "AI"-or machine learning- is not just Hollywood fiction anymore. It is at the forefront of technological development and has the attention of both business and government.

If it seems like AI is everywhere, it is because it is. And while artificial intelligence is not new-the ease of access to utilize, it certainly is in its infancy.

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ABC13's political program This Week in Texas looks into the issue and how technology impacts everything from politics, school, work, and the energy sector.

"We have hundreds of AI solutions that we use across the company," CIO of Chevron Bill Braun said. "It's just a core part of how we work today and how we're going to need to apply it to our business in the future."

Also new this week, ABC13 looks into the race for mayor of Houston and will discuss recent polling and fundraising with a panel of political insiders.


A new poll from the Hobby School School of Public Affairs at the University of Houston reveals the race for Houston mayor comes down between Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and state Senator John Whitmire.

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