Are thieves targeting tail lights next? Houston auto repair shop owner explains why

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Saturday, December 4, 2021
Are thieves targeting tail lights next? Auto shop owner explains why
"If they can steal it, they're going to steal it," said a Houston auto repair shop owner. And, if you're thinking it's no big deal to replace tail lights, think again.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Forget about catalytic converters. Crooks could be moving on to your vehicle's tail lights.

David McCarver told ABC13 thieves stole the tail lights not only from his own Ford F-250 pickup truck, but also from another vehicle, Thursday morning on Edloe Street in Greenway Plaza.

"It's frustrating as you can imagine," said McCarver.

He said he soon discovered how pricey those tail lights can be to replace.

"I'll be honest. When I first saw it, I thought that was no big deal. That's not a big expense," said McCarver. "After doing my research and talking to the parts folks at the local dealership here, it's $1,083 per tail light."

Over at Poutous Collision and Mechanical near Rice Village, owner Michael Poutous said he hadn't heard of tail light thefts yet. He imagined though it would be a matter of time. He said those tail lights are pricey for a reason.

"Nothing surprises me anymore. If they can steal it, they're going to steal it," said Poutous. "They have a module built into them for the lane departure, so you get a computer with your tail light."


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