Teen who fell to her death after a crash remembered as funny, independent

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Friday, October 15, 2021
Teen who fell to her death in crash remembered as independent
The parents of a Soulayah Anderson said she was trying to protect herself from getting into another crash when she went over the side of a Beltway 8 ramp earlier this week.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The parents of a teenager killed after a bad wreck spoke only with ABC13 about what happened to her.

They said Soulayah Anderson was trying to protect herself from getting into another crash when she went over the side of a ramp on Beltway 8 near I-45.

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The 17-year-old had left her dad's house and was headed to her mom's when the crash happened. Anderson was on the phone with her boyfriend, who said he heard everything and called her parents.

They rushed to the scene and found her wrecked car on the ramp. Her body was on the ground below.

Solomon and Sabrina Anderson said their family and their faith are the only things getting them through what they saw just after midnight Wednesday.

"As I walked up to the officers, that's when I see my daughter there. That's something I wouldn't wish that on no parent," Solomon Anderson said.

"He ran up to me, and he just had this look on his face," Sabrina Anderson remembered. "It was just like, he said 'You don't want to see that.' When he said that, I lost it."

Investigators say Soulayah Anderson's car was blocking two lanes of traffic on the ramp after crashing. Disoriented, she got out of her car to avoid another wreck.

"She was trying to get to the other side of that rail right there to protect herself behind the cement block from on oncoming car, but not knowing it's a gap," Solomon said.

The Stratford High School junior died when she jumped over and hit the ground.

"We're hurting deeply, but even while we are hurting, we are still going to thank God for the 17 years he allowed us to have her," Solomon said. "Try to find the good in this. There's always good in what He does."

Her parents are holding on to that belief, each other and the memories of a young girl they described as hard working, independent and funny.

"She woke up with a smile and went to sleep with one. She was very goofy and very silly. It wasn't too much that would get her down."

Soulayah's final arrangements are scheduled for October 22 and 23. There's a GoFundMe account to help her family with expenses.

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